May 4, 2022 Jacob CanMonkey

CanMonkey’s Trash-to-Curb Service is now available!


This new service helps busy families & short term rental owners who have heaps of trash in their cans to get it from the house and off to the curb for pickup days. 

If you’ve experienced some of these problems, then CanMonkey’s Trash-to-Curb Service can help you:

  • Your family is too busy to bring out/in the cans and possibly forget it’s pickup day. You may feel like you need more hands or more time in your day.
  • Your house has piles of trash, or maybe there are scraps of food rotting on/in your cans.
  • You have lots of guests stay at your property who leave your cans overflowing and don’t know how to get rid of the excess trash
  • You have multiple properties and no way to take out all of their cans every week


CanMonkey has a team of trained professionals to take out & bring in your trash every week.

CanMonkey has a team of trained professionals to take out your trash every week. That’s it—it’s just that easy!

You can count on us to arrive at the scheduled time and make sure that your trash bin is removed from the property and brought back on collection day.  We also ensure that your trash bins stay clean, so your guests won’t be subject to stinky smells or flies.  

We also keep track of trash-collection schedules, so you don’t have to worry about missing a pick-up day ever again!

This is a great way to ensure guest satisfaction!

It’s easy to forget, but a guest’s impression of a property is largely based on the cleanliness of the space.  If the trash is overflowing, it can ruin an otherwise perfect experience.  

It’s also important to be conscientious about your guests’ safety.  If you’re not careful when handling or transporting trash, or if your garbage area is open for some reason (such as an animal getting into it), you could put everyone at risk.  

CanMonkey takes care of this aspect for you by making sure your guests’ experience starts out smoothly and ends well.


The bottom line is you have trash cans to bring to the curb and back every single week and we’re here to do it for you! 


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