Smart Waste Management for Vacation Rentals

Experience The Future of Trash Day with CanMonkey. By choosing our unique can-to-curb subscription and OnDemand scheduling, we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for vacation rental management companies. Our dedication ensures properties are trash-free during turnovers, simplifying waste management for rental operations.

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Why Choose Us?

Redefine Waste Management for Your Properties

Ensuring a clean and hassle-free environment is paramount for your guests. Dealing with odors, handling garbage bins, and coordinating timely removal can be a logistical challenge, especially when overseeing multiple properties.

At CanMonkey we are streamlining waste management for your properties. Through our app-enabled network of CanRunner’s. We ensure trash cans are moved to the curb and back promptly on collection day. And for those unexpected situations, like a guest leaving behind excess trash or a mid-week turnover, our OnDemand trash removal has you covered. Elevate your guest experience and let us handle the trashy details.

Elevate Guest Stays with CanMonkey

CanMonkey Advantage:

Tech-Driven Solution:

Prompt Service:

Unexpected Needs Met:

OnDemand Support: 

Enhanced Guest Experience: 

Streamlining trash management for your properties.

Utilizing our app-enabled network of CanRunner’s for your properties

Guaranteeing trash and recycle cans are moved to the curb and returned after collection.

Catering to situations like guests leaving excess trash or mid-week turnovers.

Offering immediate trash removal when needed.

Freeing your guests from waste-related hassles and elevating their stay experience.

Prioritize your guests' comfort with our hassle-free trash services.

Transparent Service, Every Step of the Way:

We believe in keeping you in the loop. Discover how CanMonkey is reinventing The Future of Trash Day, automating your properties’ trash management by connecting to our network of qualified Canrunners’. We helps eliminate any trash issues that can occur when you’re not around, all while providing a snapshot of every time your property is serviced in our custom client dashboard and keeping your properties ready for the next booking.

1. Get Started

Kickstart your journey by setting up your CanMonkey account. It’s fast, simple, and the first step to hassle-free trash management.

2. Add Properties

Add your vacation rentals to your personalized dashboard. This helps us know exactly where our CanRunner’s need to be.

3. Job Assigned

On the designated trash day. Each task’s completion is evidenced with a photo, ensuring transparency and reliability.

4. Task Completed

We then return to your property, bringing the trash cans back in place.  you’ll be promptly notified if any issues occured

Vacation Rental Waste, Simplified by CanMonkey

“CanMonkey takes care of the trash, which helps my business ensure I avoid paying refunds to guests, get good ratings from guests, and increase likelihood of repeat/returning guests. All this helps me run a more profitable and successful vacation rental business.”

Terry, Property Manager of 500+ units under management

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Comparing Trash Solutions? Discover the CanMonkey Difference!

CanMonkey’s offerings tackle the key pain points Vacation Rental Property Management Companies face with conventional waste management solutions.

Trash disposal companies
Take Can-To-Curb A monthly subscription based service where we take-out your trash cans to the curb and back
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Return Trash Cans Did you know stinky trash cans carry harmful bacteria and attract various pests and rodents. Our curbside can cleaning leaves your cans sparkling clean and smelling fresh all year long.
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Ondemand Trash Removal
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Trash Scheduler
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Excess Trash Handling
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24/7 Fill Level Monitoring
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Client Dashboard
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CMpro Notifications
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1000 +

Subscribed properties

100 +

optimized routes

5000 +

weekly service stops

Whether it’s one property or 100, CanMonkey can have you up and running within a week. We have the infrastructure and technology to ensure an effortless service roll-out.

A monthly subscription based service where we take-out your trash cans to the curb and back each week on collection day via a network of app enabled can-runners.
The complete waste management solution. By combining our exclusive trash-to-curb and OnDemand services alongside your booking schedule, CanMonkey ensures your guests never experience the unsightly view of excess trash – ever.
Get an instant overview of what’s going on with each of your properties. View your active properties, manage subscriptions, track your spend per property and much more…
Simply make an OnDemand request via the CanMonkey app and tada! Just like magic, any and all excess trash is removed from the property the same day or next day at the latest