May 23, 2022 Jacob CanMonkey

3 Chores you can automate today!


1. Vacuuming

Robot vacuums are the easiest way to automate your basic vacuuming. You’ve probably seen plenty of them but you never understand how much you like it until you have it! You simply press a button and the robot vacuum does all the work for you. No more bending over and pushing a vacuum around the house. It’s even better if your robot vacuum has mapping technology so it can remember where it has cleaned before, so that it doesn’t make the same pass twice! Robot vacuums also have sensors on them so they don’t fall down stairs or bump into furniture or people, which makes them safe for use around pets and children as well.

Here’s a great one that will vacuum and mop!  If you have pets these little robotic friends are a life savor keeping the constantly falling hairs off of your shiny floors!


2. Window Cleaning

Robots are taking over oh no!   Just kidding, they’re vacuuming and cleaning our windows!  Automatic window cleaners are another great way to automate your household chores. They’re basically just like robot vacuums but with squeegees instead of brushes (or both!). Some even come with an extra motorized scrubber arm that spins while they’re cleaning, which gets rid of hard water spots much faster than just using paper towels or rags! These are great for folks with large windows where you might need a ladder to clean the top portion, this little robot will reach every crevice you suction it on to!

Here’s a good one to reach those tall windows without climbing!


3. Trash-to-Curb

Now this one is not a robot!  Taking your trash cans to and from the curb for pickup days throughout the week can be tedious and frustrating when you miss the pickup!  Say goodbye to overflowing trash cans, horrendous smells from rotting trash, and hello to always clean nice looking cans when you hire CanMonkey!  This service is perfect for everyone especially people who are in the STR industry, are seniors, or simply don’t want to take the trash out every week.

Hire CanMonkey to take care of all your trash can needs and save yourself from doing another nasty chore!


There you have it! 3 chores you can automate today!


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