May 18, 2022 Jacob CanMonkey

If you want to be a successful Airbnb host, it’s important to make your guests happy, this doesn’t mean you have to spend more money but instead provide a well rounded experience for your guests.

There are 5 basic things you can consistently do that will help ensure the happiness of your guests, this isn’t everything it takes to run a successful Airbnb but by providing these services/touches your guests have a much higher chance of really enjoying their stay!


Here they are:

1. Quick Responses

This one is simple, but so important! Your guests want to get in touch with you and they expect an immediate response. If they don’t hear back from you immediately, they may think that something is wrong with the property or their reservation and not stay at all or have a bad time when they do arrive. A quick response is all it takes to really make sure your guest feels heard and confirmed.


2. Local Recommendations

Providing local recommendations for restaurants, bars and other activities for your guests is very helpful for ensuring that they have a great time while staying at your home. This can also be a good way to build relationships with other hosts in the area who might want to share their own tips with future guests on how best to enjoy their city/town/village etc..


3. Welcome Note with any details of the property

I always like getting a welcome note from my host when arriving at their place – it just makes me feel special! It also helps me feel more comfortable if there are any special instructions about how things work (like keys or WiFi passwords) or any squeaky floors maybe even sensitive neighbors, just anything that would be helpful to know while I stay at your property.


4. Snacks/drinks

Snacks are a great way to make your guests feel welcome at home. You can offer light snacks like crackers, chips, or nuts in the kitchen and add a few bottles of water in the refrigerator. If you have kids or expect children to be visiting, consider adding a few kid-friendly snacks as well.  This also doesn’t have to be an expensive addition, buying in bulk and rationing it out per stay (2 bottles of water/soda, 4 types of chips, etc) it may cost an extra 50-100 a month but might make the difference between a 4 or 5 star review!


5. Activities

You can also provide activities for adults and kids alike! This can range from providing games for kids to board games, maybe even a cheap video game console. The more fun activities you have available, the more likely it is that people will want to spend time at your place instead of going out every night! Sometime while I’m on a trip I have planned days for staying at the house, they can sometimes be boring though if we have to entertain ourselves so I always appreciate seeing board games or even just a deck of cards!


(BONUS) 6. Always have empty trash cans to avoid nasty smells and overflow

It’s common sense that you should always keep your space clean, but what about the trash? If you’re renting out a room or a whole house, it is essential that you keep the common area clean. Not only is it unappealing for guests to see overflowing trash cans, but it could also be a health hazard for them if they do not know how to dispose of their trash properly.

If you are hosting more than one guest at a time, make sure that there are enough trash cans (the big ones that go to the curb) so that each person can throw away their garbage without creating overflowing trash on the ground outside. This way, there will be no chance of any critters, bad smells, or ugly sights outside.  A good way to avoid this problem is to hire a service like CanMonkey, for $45 a month they will bring your cans to/from the curb and if there were any overflow on the ground they can get that too.  On top of that they’ll clean your cans too!



There you have it! By providing the above 6 items you are on your way to an awesome experience for all of your guests and 5 star reviews!


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