Vacation Rentals

At CanMonkey, we understand the unique needs of keeping vacation rentals clear of any trash and maintaining the property’s interior and exterior appearance.

Our trash-to-curb and OnDemand services are ideally suited for vacation rental owners and managers alike. With CanMonkey, you can feel good knowing that your property is ready to welcome your next guest.



A monthly subscription based service where we show up at your property the day prior to collection day and take out the waste cans to the curb. After the trash has been collected, we return to place the cans back to their original storage location. Prices start as low as $49 per month.

Stress Free

Never stress about rolling out or taking back waste cans again

Reduce Overflow

Reduce the chance of trash overflow and bags on the ground

Better Manage

No need to coordinate with other service providers or neighbors


Avoid annoying HOA notices and unhappy next door neighbors


Excess Trash

Welcoming a large party of guests? Too much trash being generated? No guest wants to experience the unsightly view of overflowing waste cans or excess trash on the side of the house. Our OnDemand service was developed specifically with vacation rentals in mind.


Simply make a request via the CanMonkey app or by text and we show up to remove any excess trash

No Job Too Small

We’ll remove items from wherever they are located big or small, load them into our truck, and sweep up the area before leaving.


Prices start as low as $45 for the first 10 bags of excess trash or first waste can to empty

Pro-Active Notifications

Subscribers to our trash-to- curb service benefit from Pro-Active Notifications. If we notice any excess trash we notify you in real-time

Quick Turnaround

We understand the unique scheduling needs of vacation rentals and offer same-day and next-day service.

Responsible Disposal

At CanMonkey we believe that together we can make a difference for future generations. We always recycle where possible.


Find out why CanMonkey is the preferred partner of the leading VR property owners and managers.

Whether it’s one property or 100, CanMonkey can have you up and running within a week. We have the infrastructure and technology to ensure an effortless service roll-out. Improve your bottom line with the most efficient and cost effective way of managing your property’s waste.


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